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with a national average of almost $6,000 per student [3]. Homeschooled children represent over seven billion dollars out of reach of local government schools and, at its current growth rate, each year more than another billion dollars slips away. Politically, homeschoolers are a force to be reckoned with when teaching and activities their rights are endangered. The most highly publicized and effective example of their growing political clout occurred in 1994 when the House of Representatives inserted language into teaching an educational appropriations bill that would have required all teachers to be credentialed. Homeschoolers perceived this provision as a threat to their autonomy and overwhelmed phone and fax lines to their representatives until the credentialing activities language was removed by a 424-1 vote. Homeschooling’s economic and political impact teaching is keenly felt by teacher unions,

we have increasingly held the view that education is a private good, which should serve the individual interests of educational consumers, rather than a public good, activities which should serve the broader public interest teaching in producing competent citizens activities and teaching and productive workers. First, consider our traditional commitment to preserving local control. The core issue here is activities the wide and deep strain of libertarian sentiment that teaching lies at the heart of the American psyche. The urge to preserve individual activities liberty is a key to understanding American society, and it is what defines teaching our distinctive approach to politics, economics, and education. activities Don''t tell me what to do" has long been our national slogan. By it we have meant in particular that government should keep off our backs -- especially government that is far removed from our local community. All you need to do is remember that this nation was born of an uprising

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